El Camoatí Group Menu


Toasts with chimichurri butter.

Starters to share

Melted Provolone with honey and dried tomatoes. Greek salad. Salmon and mango tartare. Grilled vegetables with rosemary, thyme and goat cheese.

Main courses

Argentine cut meat: entraña and flank steak (accompanied by fried potatoes and roasted carrots). Or Vegetable or pumpkin ravioli (with sauces). Or Salmon loin in mango and ginger sauce with wild rice.

Desserts to share

Dulce de leche pancake. Brownie with ice cream. Short drink (Lemoncello, Herbs or Pacharán). Coffee.

Drinks (1 bottle of wine for each two people)

Red wine Alamos (Malbec argentino). Sire (Verdejo). Or Soft drinks. Or Beers.
Price: 42,90 € (VAT included)

Book online or call us at 913 669 550.