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Welcome to El Camoatí Bistró!

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Camoatí is a word of Guaraní origin, from the jungles of South America. Camoa means wasp and atí, meeting. This name refers to a gathering of friends and is what gives life to this bar-bistro, located in the heart of Madrid de Los Austrias.

It is a charming restaurant that fuses elements of Argentine Creole, Italian and French cuisine to create tasty dishes with their own character.

It also alludes to a wide variety of cocktails, teas and exquisite sweets, which you can consult in our menu. We also offer a variety of cocktails, teas and exquisite sweets, to enjoy intimate moments, as if we were at home, among friends: with board games, readings and wifi.

At El Camoatí people stamp their seal on the place, a distinctive seal, from those who cook to those who wait tables and tend bar. They are all imbued with a common spirit: to take care of each and every guest and to make each meeting very special.

Personalized attention, attention to detail and cordiality are also the essential ingredients of this space. Everything is pleasant in El Camoatí, the flavors, the light, the music and the careful and relaxed treatment.

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