Starters El Camoatí Restaurant

Imagen de las empanadillas criollas en el Restaurante italoargentino El Camoatí en La Latina de Madrid

Tartar de salmón y mango Restaurante italoargentino El Camoatí en La Latina de Madrid

Verduras grilladas Restaurante italoargentino El Camoatí en La Latina de Madrid

Empanada Criolla

3,85 €

Argentinian meat pastry.

Empanada Fugazzeta

3,85 €

Cheese and onion pastry with green olives.

Grilled vegetables

11,40 €

With goat cheese or avocado optional (potatoes, carrots, beets, sweet potatoes, broccoli, green beans and zucchini with thyme and rosemary).

El revuelto del General Gramajo

9,50 €

Homemade French fries with smashed eggs, ham and peas.

Salmón and mango tartar

11,60 €

With flowers and soya, lime and wasabi sauce.

Red tuna and avocado tartar

11,60 €

With fresh sprouts, soy dressing, sésame oil and ginger sauce.

Chipirones Patagónicos

11,75 €

Baby squids grilled with a black ink mushroom & cherry tomatoes sause on a sweet potato chips.

Vitelo tonnato

11,65 €

Aromatic boiled veal thinly sliced served in a tuna mayonnaise and mustard sauce with capers.


(1/2 ration) 8,00 €
(1 ration) 15,00 €

Italian creamy mozzarella, tomatoes from the orchard and a walnut, olive and basil oil dressing.

Chorizo criollo

4,50 €

And some salad.



9,75 €

Dried tomatoes, nuts, raisins and honey.


9,75 €

Spansh chorizo and caramelized onions.


9,75 €

Tomatoes and basil oil.


11,00 €

Jalapeño pepper flambé with tequila (spicy!).


Grilled goat cheese

9,45 €

Two delicious goat cheese medallions, baby greens and cherry tomatoes.

Greek salad

9,45 €

Baby greens, feta cheese, cucumber, pine nuts, honey, raisins, black olives, cherry tomatoes and croutons.

The vegan Poke

11,65 €

White rice, avocado, carrot, cucumber, red onion, green beans, wakame and soy vinaigrette.


Bread basket: 2,25 €