Main dishes El Camoatí Restaurant

Milanesa napolitana en el Restaurante italoargentino El Camoatí en La Latina de Madrid

Ravioles de chipotle en el Restaurante Argentino El Camoatí

Asado de tira en el Restaurante Argentino El Camoatí



13,50 €

Sweetbreads veal with argentinian "Humita" corn sauce and roasted sweet potatoe.

Allergens: contains sulfur oxide, soy and dairy.

Pork shoulder bondiola

14,00 €

With mustard and honey sauce and fried pumkin medallion.

Allergens: contains mustard, soy and dairy.

Milanesa napolitana

14,50 €

Breaded veal with tomato sauce and melted cheese with french fries and some salad.

Allergens: contains gluten, sesame seeds, sulfur oxide and dairy.

French steak tartar

18,00 €

Raw sirloin cappers, mustard, pikles, egg yolk and tabasco served with homemade french fries.

Allergens: contains mustard and eggs.

Entraña 'Camoatí'

16,50 €

Grilled thin skirt steak, creamy potato pie and a small salad.

Allergens: contains sesame seeds and dairy.

Veal sirloin steak

21,00 €

Served with shiitake mushroom cream and steamed potatoes.

Allergens: contains soy and dairy.

Bife de chorizo

23,00 €

350 gr. of 30 day matured beef entrecote with provençal-style french fries.

Asado machete

23,00 €

Whole cow rib cooked over low heat with arugula, roasted peppers and "criolla" sause.

The big vacío

35,00 €

800 gr. flank steak with baked paprika potatoes and sweet carrots (for 2 people).



Pumpkin and riccota cheese big raviolis

13,85 €

With sage and trufa cream, poached red and sliced almonds.

Allergens: contains gluten, nuts and dairy.

Spinach and parmesano big raviolis

13,65 €

With cream of fresh shiitake mushroom.

Allergens: contains gluten, soy, sulfur dioxide, sulfites and dairy.

Chipotle mozzarella & nuts raviolis

14,50 €

Served with avocado fresh mint pesto. Spicy!

Allergens: contains gluten, eggs and dairy.

Italian potato gnoquis

11,50 €

With two sauces of your choosing: pesto with dried tomatoes (vegan) or tucco sauce (fried tomato, meat, carrots, onion).

Allergens: contains gluten, nuts and dairy.


Red tuna tataki

14,00 €

With wakame seaweed, poppy seed and flowers with wasabi and citric sauce.

Allergens: contains soy.

Grilled salmon teriyaki

13,50 €

With wok sauteed vegetables and wasabi.

Allergens: contains soy and sesame seeds.


Bread basket: 2,25 €