El Camoatí Restaurant Team


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Originated in the jungles of South America, Camoati is a local Guarani term. Camoa means wasp and ata, meeting. This name that refers to a meeting of friends gives life to this bar-bistro, located in the heart of Madrid de Los Austrias.

A charming restaurant that fuses elements of Argentinean Creole and Italian cuisine, to create tasty dishes with a character of their own.

A wide variety of cocktails, teas, and delicious sweets offered to enjoy intimate moments. Table games, readings, and wifi to feel like home with friends.

At El Camoatí, it is the staff that makes a distinctive imprint. From the kitchen to the table and at the bar, everyone is full of a common spirit: take care of our guests.

Personalized attention, curated details and cordiality are the essential ingredients of this space. Everything is pleasant at El Camoatí: the flavors, the light, the music, and the friendly relaxed treatment.