Carnívoros and La Audición in El Camoatí

Carnívoros in El Camoatí
La Audición in El Camoatí

"Not only of bread the man lives."

Lorca already said it. And under the premise that art is food for the soul, the Camoatí Bistró starts a new stage and opens its doors to music, theater, literature, dance, cinema ... with its Nights of UnderArt in Madrid .

When: Thursday, December 14.

Time: 20h

Where: Camoatí Bistró (Alfonso VI street, 3. La Latina).

For our inauguration we have two interesting short theater pieces; Both in the same evening!

"Carnívoros", by Karín Valecillos (screenwriter of the movie El Amparo, candidate for the Goya Awards 2018)

"La Audición", by Indira Páez. They act: Vanesa Morr @ vane.morr, Eliana Santander @ elianasantander8 and Carlos David León @soycharlied.

We invite you to a glass of wine.

For more information and reservations:

Arlette Torres