Argentinean cuisine in El Camoati Restaurant

Image of roasted strip in El Camoatí Argentinian Restaurant

image of entraña argentina in El Camoatí Argentinian Restaurant

Image of milanesa in El Camoatí Argentinian Restaurant

Here we show you the Argentine specialties of our Restaurant El Camoatí. From the following link, if you wish, you can see our complete menu.


Empanada Criolla

3,85 €

Argentinian meat pastry.

Empanada Fugazzeta

3,85 €

Cheese and onion pastry with green olives.

El revuelto del General Gramajo

9,50 €

Homemade French fries with smashed eggs, ham and peas.

Vitelo tonnato

11,65 €

Aromatic boiled veal thinly sliced served in a tuna mayonnaise and mustard sauce with capers.


Asado machete

23,00 €

Whole cow rib cooked over low heat with arugula, roasted peppers and "criolla" sause.


13,50 €

Sweetbreads veal with argentinian "Humita" corn sauce and roasted sweet potatoe.

Pork shoulder bondiola

14,00 €

With mustard and honey sauce and fried pumkin medallion.

Milanesa napolitana

14,50 €

Breaded veal with tomato sauce and melted cheese with french fries and some salad.

Entraña 'Camoatí'

16,50 €

Grilled thin skirt steak, creamy potato pie and a small salad.

Bife de chorizo

23,00 €

350 gr. of 30 day matured beef entrecote with provençal-style french fries.

The big vacío

35,00 €

800 gr. flank steak with baked paprika potatoes and sweet carrots (for 2 people).


Sweet milk and banana pancake

4,50 €

With ice cream.

Volcán de dulce de leche

5,00 €

With ice cream.